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The photography of Keith Rottman

Digital photography has touched us all. Digital images are widespread in the media and the internet. For years, I have wanted high quality digital files that I could use on my computer as a screen saver; ideally, these picture files could be modified to suit my needs with imaging software. Unfortunately, most images seen on the net have a small pixel size and can not be enlarged or printed. Works by master photographers, such as Ansel Adams, Rodney Lough Jr., David Plowden and Winston O Link, are presented in printed form and can not be easily modified for use on a home computer.

Images on this site are for sale. Although I retain the copyright to the images, I welcome you to use the images in any non-commercial endeavor that you might come across. All of these images can be purchased in printed form as well; I use an Epson 4800 professional quality printer with geniune Epson paper. The Epson 4800 delivers prints with excellent clarity and color.

It is my intention to publish pictures once a month in the following four categories:

Black and white landscape photography

Color landscape photography

Railroad photography

Aviation photography


Also, please visit the gallery of published landscape photographs


The initial launch date of this site was November 2007; it is an ongoing project. It is my goal to incorporate online ordering with Pay Pal. For now, I will take orders by mail or email request with payment by check. Please feel free to contact me with any special requests.

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